Position sensors for light industrial applications

When looking closely at the light industrial sector, we can see the challenges, such as sterile rooms, environmental conditions and more, that must be faced when dealing with fine mechanics and machines.

Fine mechanics and instruments are often used in medicinal applications for operations or for diagnostic tools. They help to take better care of patients because the assist with lifting beds or with fine instruments in the operation room.

This is just one example where fine mechanics are applied but they give you a good picture of the challenges one can come across when working in these fields. Taking these requirements into consideration, enables users to choose the right position sensors for the corresponding light industrial applications.

How do light industrial position sensors work?

Looking at the medical sector, magnetostrictive position sensors can help with mobility tools for elder people or rehabilitation machinery to support patients to move again for example. The sensors with their high accuracy measurement support for example the control of fine hydraulic cylinders for head rests of beds.

Choosing the right position sensor for your light industrial applicationon

Upon how one decides which position sensor is the right one for light industrial application, you need to know your machine, the demands the sensor should fulfill, possible approvals or standards that your sector is working with. With this information it is easy to choose "your" sensor among our dedicated selection of position sensors for light industrial applications. The full overview can be found here and if you are still unsure about how to pick the right sensor or you want to learn more, you can request information directly from us.